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smoke and soot damage in commercial building

Commercial Fire Damage

This is another photo that takes a closer look at the commercial fire damage. These floors are covered in smoke and soot debris. The equipment in this room and the walls and ceilings had severe smoke and soot damage. This commercial property underwent a huge restore to make this fire damage "Like it never even happened."

soot and smoke debris in school

Fire Damage to Commercial Building

In this photo, you see severe fire damage. The fire originated in this room at a commercial building. The smoke and soot damaged traveled through the commercial facility. This room illustrates how much smoke and soot debris can cover the room of origin for fire damages.

water damage equipment

Trust Our Team

In this water-damaged commercial building, we had to set equipment to begin drying it out. There was a lot of water on several floors of the building. We brought in air-movers and dehumidifiers to efficiently dry this commercial property.

wet kitchen floor

Water Damage Kitchen

This water damage occurred after a dishwasher leaked onto this kitchen floor while these customers were away. The water was left over a weekend, and created water damages in this family's home.

flooring removed

Flooring Damage

In this commercial space, the water damage had contaminants in it. The bio-hazard water had to be removed along with the flooring. The reason we have to remove the flooring is for safety reasons to get the containments out of the space.

water damage and equipment

Commercial Water Damages

This office building was needed clean-up from specialists. This space was the break room in the building. Our water mitigation services helped get this office building "Like it never even happened." We removed the wet damaged materials and set up equipment to get the area dried. 

water damage floor

Water Damage from Flooding

Water damage can lead to many issues when it gets into your flooring. If it does not get cleaned up on time, it can lead to other issues. It is best to find the source and get help when you notice the damage.

water damage flooring

Water Damage after Storm

This kitchen got water damage after a storm flooded this home. The water was leftover a few days before the homeowners knew. This home was at risk for mold growth. They called SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties to help!

water damage equipment

Water Damage from Dishwasher

Water damage in this Newburgh home was the result of a dishwasher line break. The kitchen was flooded with water from the dishwasher hose. The customer called SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties, and we were on the scene to make the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

carpet and water damage equipment

Basement Water Damage in Newburgh

This water damage was the result of a burst pipe in a basement bathroom. The water came across the floor and got the main room wet. The water damage equipment was set in the corners to begin the drying process.

fire damage ceiling

Home Fire in Newburgh- Ceiling

This fire damage in Newburgh, Indiana was the result of old electrical wiring in an attic. The fire damage reach the ceiling quickly and made significant structure damage. This home's ceiling was not salvageable, but our reconstruction team was there to help.

ceiling damage

House Fire in Newburgh- Continued

In this fire damage, the ceiling was heavily impacted since the fire began in the attic. The damage reached several inches of this home. The ceiling needed our reconstruction teams help. Our team met with the owner to help get his home back to "Like it never even happened."

fire damage

House Fire in Newburgh

This customer had a fire damage that impacted their entire home. There was damage to ceiling, walls, contents, and the stairways. We cleaned some of the fire damage, but most of the fire damage was helped with part from our reconstruction team.


Fire Damage

When a home has fire damage, the contents and the structure both need attention. When you want a company that does both --look no further. Our team of trained technicians can handle contents restoration and reconstruction needs. 


Carpet Cleaning for Spring

Carpet Cleaning 

Have you decided you need a party this spring? 

When you are going to have guests over, the first thing you need is carpet cleaning. Most customers know we clean water and fire damage-- but carpet cleaning is another major surface we can clean for our customers. 

mold damage

More Mold Damage

Mold damage can set up in a home within 24-48 hours of water damage. When water damage occurs and you may not notice in areas where mold is not outwardly seen on a day to day basis. 


Mold Damage and Reconstruction

In this photo, mold damage had been left for several weeks after a water damage. The homeowner did not know that water was leaking steadily under a sink. The mold damage needed to be remediated immediately. The reconstruction on this home meant taking out several pieces of cabinetry and other reconstruction necessities.  

wet carpet

Wet Carpet Water Damage

In this commercial water damage, the flooring got a minor part of the water damage. This flooring was only a category 1 so the carpet did not have to be removed. We were able to remediate the building with equipment only.

ceiling water damage

Commercial Water Damages

Commercial water damages happen often, and when they do sometimes the roof is the first impacted. This water damage occurred after a collection of water pooled and broke through the ceiling from a burst pipe. 

hardwood floor with water damage

Hardwood Flooring Water Damages

This hardwood floor really took the hit of this water damage. There was significant water damage that caused the floor to have to be removed. Our reconstruction helped this customer put their home back to "Like it never even happened."

hardwood floor with water damage

Hardwood Water Damages

This hardwood flooring is another in the collection of photos from this home. This flooring was severely impacted with water damage. Since the flooring was old and weak, the flooring had to be removed for the home to be remediated. 

hardwood floor with water damage

Water Damage Hardwood

In this home, the water damage impacted the hardwood flooring. In this photo, you can see that water has made the flooring buckle and is extremely wet. In this home, the flooring had to be removed to efficiently dry the home.

water damage equipment

Water Damage in Apartment

This apartment suffered multiple water damages. The water damage started on the top floor and worked it's way to the basement. The building owner had worked with us before, and he knew we could help him and his tenants with water damage remediation and contents restoration.

water damage equipment

Water Damage in basement in Newburgh Home

In this home, the basement had a bathroom that sewage has spilled from into the main area. There was a broken pipe (the customer said that he had estimated that it happened about a month ago and had been leaking). When his son took the pipe apart, it all went into the floor.

mold spots on walls

Mold Damage to Commercial Property

This commercial business had severe mold damage. The water damage had been left after a shutdown. The business owner did not know that water damage had occurred. The mold had to be torn out in order to remediate this business.

concrete floor with wall cut out

Water Damage Basement in Jasper

In this home, the basement had standing water. The customer's were out of town. They came home to their basement with several inches of water. The wall had to be cut so that the drywall could be dried out.

Water with wood cut along wall

Water Damage in Newburgh Home

This home had a water damage in their family basement. The wall had to have some drywall cuts. When drywall cuts are necessary because the walls are not drying properly. This technique helps dry a home more efficiently. 

man in tyvek suit

Ice Blasting

This customer has a fire damage in her basement. Our ice blasting trained technician suited up in our Personal Protective Equipment. He spent hours getting soot and smoke damage off her stone fireplace.

mold on walls

Storm Damage Aftermath

In this home, mold damage occurred because of the aftermath of a major storm. The water was up to the ceiling in this home. The owners of the home ha to evacuate so when they returned weeks later, the water had left but the mold was still in place. 

man in tyvek with green sprayer

Electrostatic Spraying

This was during the height of viral pathogen cleaning. This commercial property wanted to keep their home and businesses safe. They had SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois counties come out to spray with an electrostatic sprayer to hep reduce the viral pathogen spread.